Gaia Scodellaro голая под водой в клипе

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We forget the water, sometimes That all fluids in our bodies are a little salty, so there's no need to cry here That we all started here, fetal and wet. We're still inferior to it It doesn't come naturally to us, like yawning or following gravity's pull. You have to move down here, Hold air inside You can't be lazy, here. We don't really belong, after time our skin rejects it. It wrinkles in protest. But there are small rewards: seeing the untouched sand, like rows of earth ready for seeds And the sun from below it, like the sun behind closed eyelids in the morning Feeling ourselves in slow motion, timeless Our hair waving like tentacles. The break of the ceiling from beneath always a relief, always a disappointment. A hard exhale and then again, even while floating above it, we forget . Poem by Giada . . Performance by Gaia Scodellaro . . Shot in the sea of Crete (Greece) GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. . . Koda on iTunes :
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