Поговори со мной о неприличном Часть 8 / 1991 г. [rus]

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Поговори со мной о неприличном 8 (Говори со мной грязно 8) В ролях: Эшлин Джир (Ahlyn Gere), Рэнди Уэст (Randy West), К. С. Уильямс (K.C. Williams), Шейм (Shaime), П. Дж. Спаркс (P. J. Sparxx), Питер Норт (Peter North), Том Чэпмен (Tom Chapman), Стив Дрейк (Steve Drake), Бренди Александр (Brandy Alexandre), Анджела Саммерс (Angela Summers), Ким Уайлд (Kim Wilde), Кэндис Харт (Candice Heart), Трикси Тайлер (Trixy Tyler). Описание: In this edition of the 'Talk Dirty' series, Ashlyn Gere takes over the role of the late night talk radio host who dishes out some seriously sexy advice over the airwaves. This video is filled with some of the most enticing and erotically skilled performers of the time, starting with Ashlyn herself. A busty ball buster who never shied away from sex at its raunchiest, Ashlyn seems right at home here as she serves up filthy-mouthed suggestions to her eager listeners. K.C. Williams also shines, showing off her perfectly proportioned curves in a lusty little liaison. P.J. Sparxx is another of the era's most exciting young women, a chipmunk cheeked cutie whose ardor for her work always overcame her sometimes thickening frame. P.J. threw herself into her work with the passion and enthusiasm of a first-timer, and tended to turn in the most explosive scene in any flick she starred in. She does just that here, romping her way through a high energy segment that should have audiences on the edge of their seats. And with stellar scenes from the lascivious and lovely likes of Stephanie Page and Angela Summers, this one's got more than enough excitement to keep you interested from start to finish. Great stuff for fans of the series or of naughtiness.
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